ryne /'ri:n/ - a course continuously moving onwards.

Ryne is a modern French dining experience curated by Donovan Cooke and his team. Situated in Fitzroy North, we offer inspired cuisine executed with classical French cooking techniques.


Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2019

We are proud to host a special dinner to celebrate the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival this year.

At this exclusive event, diners will enjoy a five-course dinner that highlights fresh, whole ingredients used in inventive ways. Each course will use every part of each ingredient, with none going to waste.

Special Sustainable Menu - $149 per person

March, 20th from 7pm.



Happy Sundays !

A nice lunch on Sunday is a must, treat yourself with our 4 course menu, $68 per person !

From the four tastes of the land, to the roast of the day : discover the Sunday lunch menu this week