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  • Still wondering what to do for your Valentine's Day ?

Impress a food lover with our special Valentine's Day 5 Course Menu β€οΈπŸ₯‚πŸ½


  • 10 Tastes 2nd Edition is on

β€œYOU BE THE JUDGE: Here’s your chance to shape the menu at a Melbourne favourite. Starting next month, Donovan Cooke will be offering a β€œ10 Tastes a Month” dinner at Ryne, which will see diners β€˜taste test’ dishes that may make the menu – depending on their feedback! The first sitting on February 28th sold out in record time. Those diners will enjoy dishes like Crab Karamushi with shiitake mushrooms; and Veal Sweetbreads with honey, green pepper corn, for a cool $110 per person for the ten tastes. Your next chance to indulge will be Thursday 14th March. More info – www.ryne.com.au β€œ